Our Brands


Two Dads Moving Company (LLC)

We began this company in October of 2012, originally in partnership with proprietor Shawn Springman. KDG’s role was strictly administrative -setting up LLC, licensing, tax id and accounting protocols- and marketing -designing brand, website, advertisements, social media platforms and marketing plan.


In April of 2013, KDG approached Shawn about coming into KDG as a full partner and Operations Manager in return for full ownership of Two Dads Moving.


You can visit our website at: http://twodadsmoving.com/

Email: sales@twodadsmoving.com

Phone: 317-721-4504

Follow us on Twitter: @twodadsmoving

Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Two-Dads-Moving-Company


smNue Hue

Nue Hue Painting LLC

We began this company in January of 2013 with the wish to create a painting company that specialized in a decorative painting product we dubbed Designer Wall Treatments. Nue Hue Painting also has a Traditional product line that focuses attention on standard exterior and interior painting.


In April of 2013, Nue Hue Painting contracted its traditional exterior crew with Hoosier Permanent Coatings to work as one of their service teams applying their specialty painting products.


You can visit our website at: http://nuehuepainting.com/

Email: sales@nuehuepainting

Phone: 317-721-1354

Follow us on Twitter: @nuehuepainting

Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Nue-Hue-Painting


Logo Treatment NHD 1

Nue Hue Design

Nue Hue Design is our design arm of Nue Hue Co., the parent company for Nue Hue Painting. Beyond being a graphic design company, Nue Hue Design also specializes in branding, advertising design and web design, and product design and development.



Email: leyj@knightsdevelopmentgroup.com

Follow us on Twitter: @NueHueDesign

Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/NueHueDesign